Ownership Public, subject to markets influences Family owned or private, free of any influences, focused on local sustainability through client satisfaction
Values Financial. Short-term. Client satisfaction. Long term.
Strategy Become the biggest Firm in the World, by revenues… To retain the status of trusted advisor to clients, in Romania, and consolidate reputation of top search advisory Firm in the country.
Operational Volume. Revenues growth. Sustainability through Quality. Innovative approach aiming at securing quality knowledge and processes.
Market Global coverage. Template-ized services. Local expert. Customization of service.
Client acquisition Aggressive, direct sales approach. Claiming capability to execute multi-country, simultaneous searches, centrally sold and locally executed. 90+% return business (locally developed) + 10% (internationally developed), originated by like-minded, privately owned strategic partners.
Consultant's focus Maximize Revenues = Maximize Bonus Maximize quality & become acknowledged market expert. Small is beautiful.
Consultant load Typical Big 4 "consultant" approach. Workload: 70% sales + 20% project execution + 10% bureaucratic tasks Advisor approach and conduct. Workload: 50% project execution, 30% knowledge + network development, 15% system development, 5% sales
Targetted candidate The "Universal Soldier" type, (self-promoting on the social media), or the Mercenary type, or job seekers from a database. Best-in-class, local expert, within a verified, already mapped community, or recommended by a carefully chosen network.
Research philosophy Opportunistic, exclusively project based, (starts and stops with the project) Continuous mapping of local enviroment resulting in formation of detailed functional communities
Research work Managed by junior researchers, sometimes temporary workers Managed by Senior Advisors only, especially through the use of proprietary, state-of-the-art platform, which predefines and validates best-in-class functional communities, or through direct recommendatios from a well known network of competent sources.
Project execution Managed mostly by junior consultants, other than the senior consultant which sold the project. Managed entirely by senior advisors, with exception of logistics and communication with candidates.
Candidate Relationship Short term. Project based. Long term. Focused at the entire career span.
Final results (short list) Visible, easy to reach candidates, carreerists, or job seekers Best-in-class, local expert. In most cases, not active job seekers.